“Had a fantastic remedial massage with Katja, I thoroughly recommend her highly professional approach and understanding of the rigours of what we do as sound recordists, carrying heavy gear around all day.  Worth the drive to Cowan.  I will definitely be back,  Thank you so much for your magic touch Katja”  – Chris, 48


“Katja is a warm and friendly person who immediately makes you feel at ease.  She is also an excellent communicator and checks carefully before the massage which areas are in greatest needing of her therapy.  She continues throughout the massage to ask questions about the pressure she’s applying and adjusts it to ensure your comfort” – Louise, 55


“As an ultra-marathoner, I have utilised Katja’s professional skills and care and found them to be of significant assistance.  She consistently employs the necessary techniques to treat my symptoms and get me “back on my feet” with an improved performance often the outcome” – Jeff, 61


“Over a year ago, I managed in a work place incident to rupture my right biceps muscle which caused me a great deal of pain and was extremely debilitating.  I work as a carpenter maintenance worker and not being able to use my dominant arm, was more than an inconvenience.  It meant I was facing a change of employment.  I went through the traditional MRI and referral to physio etc and persevered for some time with little result. I was reliant on many doses of pain killing drugs becoming ever stronger with little effect.  No sleep and constant pain was not the recipe for a harmonious marriage or good for the work place either.  I decided to try deep massage as I thought if I’m relaxed I would heal.  I visited Katja and wow!  The first visit wasn’t comfortable but that night I slept the entire night for the first time in 8 months.  I now am having fortnightly massages and am more than on the road to being back to normal.  Massage and exercise have given me a new lease on life.   I am back to my old self and on the tools.  I believe the last vestiges of impairment are nearly gone, so looking forward to that!  In short massage combined with all the rest is brilliant, discuss with Katja and work up a personal programme, you won’t be sorry, truly!” – Steve, 60